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Dot Falling Leaves

Finished product

< 30 min


Creative, Artsy


Tweet, tweet, our little blue bird is ready for the leaves to change! Dot markers make this activity so fun and easy. You can press or stamp them to get an awesome result. Visualize your scene and let's get started! Check out the Let's Talk in this activity to learn about why leaves change color.

  • Construction Paper
  • Markers (Dot Markers)
  • Marker (Sharpie)
Let's Talk

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

As Fall approaches the days start to get shorter and there isn't as much sunlight. This change signals the leaves to stop making chlorophyll, which is what keeps the leaves green in the summer. Now it's time for the leaves to get ready for winter, when the leaves start to show their other pigments. The red, yellow, orange colors were there all the time but become visible only when the green fades.

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