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Space Cookies

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Cooking, Baking


The stars and planets are moving across the night sky on these tasty cookies! Make your scene realistic or let your starry-eyed imagination run wild. Either way, they are delicious and so much fun to decorate. The eating part when you're done isn't so bad either!

  • Cookies (Sugar Cookies)
  • Icing
  • Knife (Butter / Spreading Knife)
  • Sprinkles (Round)
  • Tray (Cookie Sheet)
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Our Solar System's Planets

Can you make all the planets in our solar system?

Here they are listed from the biggest to smallest according to their radius!
• Jupiter 43,441 miles
• Saturn 36,184 miles
• Uranus 15,759 miles
• Neptune 15,299 miles
• Earth 3,959 miles
• Venus 3,761 miles
• Mars 2,460 miles
• Mercury 1,516 miles

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